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Sunday, July 13th, 2014
12:44 am
Friday, August 30th, 2013
10:51 pm
There's a manga about tabletop gaming

I'm really enjoying what's been scanlated so far. It seems that gaming humor crosses cultural boundaries and systems.
Tuesday, May 21st, 2013
10:29 pm
1. Customer: Do you have music by Leonard Nimoy?
Me: That would be downstairs. The one cd we have of him is considered pop.
Customer: I thought it was up here. Isn't he the guy that wrote West Side Story?
(at the time classical and broadway were kept on the second floor, while pop was on the first floor)

2. "She's Scottish but living in Britain."

3. "I don't want music. I want concerts!"

4. "I have a vast knowledge of information."

5. "American Dad: Comedy for children"
Sunday, February 24th, 2013
8:59 pm
haven't posted in a while, so here's some quotes
1."Where are the 'S'es? Mickey & Slyvia? It's by last name so isn't that under 'S'?"

2."Is that on sale permanently?"

3. "All these mirrors freak me out." (The customer was referring to windows)

4. "Who's the best violinist? I want a cd of violin music. Is there one played by Beethoven?"

5. (while holding blu-ray discs) "Why are these in blue?"

Current Mood: amused
Tuesday, October 16th, 2012
8:42 pm
NYCC 2012
I had a blast! I got some free books.
- Tried out Age of Wushu. I don't play MMORPGs very much, but it does have pretty graphics.
- I saw the first Berserk movie. It was awesome, though some of the CGI was awkward. It made things more blatant for Guts/Grifith shippers.
- Got a Genshiken poster and a Sailor Moon calendar from the Kodansha booth. They're going to release Vinland Saga, which is a great manga about vikings.
- The Tiger & Bunny panel was great! I won Katsura's sketch of Kotetsu! ^_^
- I went to the niconico livestream on Saturday. The next day people starting calling me "Umbrella-chan"
-I got my picture taken with other Order of the Stick Cosplayers! The Haley cosplayer emailed the photo to me.
Tuesday, June 12th, 2012
10:31 pm
AnimeNext 2012
-Long commute was long. Too tired to make an in depth con report.
-Staff had trouble understanding the concept of lines.
-Saw a Waldo with a Carmen Sandiego.
-Played Sakiyama Kaori from Air Master in the LARP. She had the power to rudely barge into closed scenes.I keep picking loud characters, despite not being good at playing them.
-Still enjoying the reactions to my Monster in the Darkness costume.
-Berryz Kobo has a lot of enthusiastic fans. Plenty came from Japan to see them.
-Saw a dead deer on the road while on the shuttle from the train station.
-Masquerade had mostly dancing skits. One of the skits included Pedobear.
-Jojo's posing school is always fun.
-Bought season 2 of Emma in the Dealer's room. Also got a shirt that combined Superman's logo with the Bat signal.
Sunday, April 1st, 2012
10:45 pm
I-Con on Saturday
I went to I-Con yesterday. I could only go on Saturday, since it's my day off. My mom and one of her knitting friends joined me. I brought my usual Monster in the Darkness cosplay.

The earliest train got me to Stony Brook at around 9:30. It was quite windy and rainy.
I got my membership too late to attend the Theremin Physics panel. I went to the Sorting Ceremony thing in order to kill time before Whose Anime Is It Anyway. It was pretty random. I got Gryffindor.
A little kid dressed as M. Bison was also sorted into Gryffindor.

Whose Anime was basic Whose Line stuff. It was pretty amusing. I was only there for half of it, because I wanted to see Voltaire's stop motion animation. It's pretty cool that he did some of those shorts for the Scifi channel. He managed to get awesome narrators for his videos.

My mom went to Marc Gunn's firefly drinking song performance. She gave him a catnip ball that she needle-felted.

I saw the panel on Bad Science, about the harm pseudo science documentaries cause, since they're being presented as fact(despite the lack of evidence). The scientists in charge of the panel are Forumites.

Cosplay contest had some interesting costume. The skits were kinda amusing, but not memorable.
I went to the second half of the Pirates vs. Ninjas panel. Other categories were added, like 007, Batman. People would bring up points in favor of these categories. Some guy named Ernie got the most points. Random things like Megashark were brought up. I mentioned that Tim Curry voiced Captain Hook.

Voltaire concert was fun. My mom got Voltaire's autograph. I joined in on When You're Evil with a bunch of other audience members. Of course, there were Jazz Hands.
Saturday, March 3rd, 2012
12:28 am
quote stuff
1.(Customer is asking for an artist with the first name 'Mark')
Me: Is Mark spelled with a 'C' or a 'K' ?
Customer: With an 'M'.

2. ( I do often have to tell the customers that the sections are in alphabetical order).
Me: It's in alphabetical order.
Customer: That was my worst subject.
Me: The alphabet?!
( I couldn't stop myself from blurting that out.)

3. ( Customer showed me a list with 'Panis Angelicus' and 'Bread of Angels', wanting to know if it was on a certain DVD. I confirmed Panis Angelicus was included.
Customer: What about the other one? (Pointing to Bread of Angels)

4. Customer: Where are movies?
Me : In the basement.
Customer: Isn't this the basement?
Me: This is the second floor. (There's huge window up front that makes it quite obvious that the location is above ground.)
Customer: So, I gotta go down one?

5. Customer: Do you have the Three Sopranos?
Me: Do you mean the Three Mo' Divas?
( Sometimes customers mean them instead of other sets of three sopranos. I did know about the concert with Renata Scotto, Ileana Cotrubas, Elena Obraztsove , but I wanted to confirm what the customer really meant.)
Customer: No, I'm pretty sure they were called the Three Sopranos.
Me: Who do you mean?
Customer: Pavarotti, Domingo...Carreras...

(Being able to hit those high Cs didn't make Pavarotti a Soprano.)
Wednesday, February 1st, 2012
1:31 pm
Rping on sixwordstories is pretty fun.
Thursday, December 1st, 2011
10:11 pm
I made an rp journal for one of Captain Hook's pirates. He's the dude sleeping on the cannon in my icon.

For some reason, the letter 'W' seems to confound a lot of customers. Now, onto the quotes.

1. (Customer is looking for the Blackbyrds. I am completely unfamiliar with that group, so I try to bring it up by the spelling of the actual word. That doesn't work.)
Me: Is there any unusual spelling?
Customer: No, I don't think so. B-Y-R-D

2. (I was recommending a cd by Murray Perahia.)
Customer: I don't want this. He's too dorky looking.

3. Customer: I'm looking for Joseph Roleau. It's under 'L'.
(The pronunciation was so off that I couldn't recognize the name, though the 'R' sound was obvious.)
Me: That sounds like 'R'.
Customer: Should I look under 'J'?

4. Customer : [Coworker] told me there were new cds by [Artist].
(I look up the artist. There is nothing recent. The customer is holding a cd titled 'Now', which is actually a fairly old release. I inform the customer that there is nothing new.)
Customer: But it says 'Now'.

5. Customer: Do you have the new cd by [Artist]?
(I bring the customer to a section full of this release. I point out a pocketfull, which contains seven cds.)
Customer: I need three.
Tuesday, October 18th, 2011
12:40 am
Another NYCC entry
I went to New York Comic Con. As usual, I was dressed as the Monster in the Darkness from Order of the Stick. To those unfamiliar with that character, I was the one with the Hello Kitty umbrella and the black fabric hanging from it. I am still enjoying the reactions to it. One person decided to play the "Who can hit the lightest" game with me. MitD always loses that game. XD

There were plenty of interesting costumes. I liked the Zombie Redshirt. I saw a bunch of my friends, including someone I haven't seen in 13 years.
I only saw two of the WaldosCollapse )

Tuesday, August 23rd, 2011
8:33 pm
Who else felt the East Coast Earthquake?
I felt a slight and brief movement from the floor but nothing beyond that. After the quake, the most common question was "Did you feel it?".
Monday, August 22nd, 2011
9:57 pm
moar quotes
1. I show two customers a section for the artist they're looking for. I point out that it's in alphabetical order.

Customer: I'll look on this side, you look on that side.

2. A customer comes with a cd that contained a track listing. The customer points to the part that says "Composer Showcase."

Customer: Do you have this piece?

I explain that it isn't a piece, and that the pieces used aren't listed anywhere. The customer points to the part that says "Credits".

Customer: Can you look it up with this?

3. A coworker told me about this one.

Customer: Where are the cofee cup holders for the computer?

4. This is during a sale on music in the International category.

Customer: What labels are International?

I mention that any label in this category is on sale.

Customer: What Classical labels are included?

I point out that Classical is a different category, and not on sale.

5. I'm searching the store website to find something for a customer. The customer can easily see the screen. The search brings up 2 items and there is writing that says "Your search for blank returned 2 products". Both items are visible on the screen.

Customer: Can't you scroll down?
Monday, June 13th, 2011
10:36 pm
AnimeNext 2011 entry
I went to AnimeNext. Long commute was long. I saw a lot of awesome cosplay.I saw Mr T, Cookie Monster, three Waldos, a Black Knight and DUDLEY! I learned that I can't take decent pictures with the DS camera. People recognized my Monster In the Darkness costume! People recognized the Benibara fanclub shirt from my Ranka costume!

I waited an hour and a half for the shuttle. I ended up splitting a cab with a nice Grell cosplayer. I learned later that the shuttle was at a completely different part of the station.SORRY FOR CAUSING OTHERS TO WASTE MONEY ON A CAB.I spent most of Friday at the LARP. There were so many awesome characters. I played Damaramu from Dragon Half. Sadly, I wasn't able to get him to stab himself in the head, or do anything else epically stupid. Damaramu has a Rose Signet from Utena, but no one challenged him. He did get to spar with Yuri Lowell(and lost). Damaramu teamed up with Condor Joe, Koenma and Hiei. Hiei insulted and threatened Damaramu, but he was too stupid to understand. Hiei grabbed Excalibur and was burned by the holy fire.

Jojo's Posing School was FABULOUS! There were quite a few awesome Jojo cosplayers there. I sang the Doraemon theme at Open Mic. I spent some time at LARP. Gintoki trolled and infomodded everyone. His otaku level is even higher than Madarame's. His trolling caused a Syaoran clone to turn into a Personification of Death (from Persona). Everyone insisted that the battle was impossible to win. Damaramu joined the battle as Gintoki tried to run away. Phoenix Wright filibustered the Eldritch Abomination for two rounds while Koenma charged his pacifier. Once Koenma took out his pacifier, it was destroyed. A GOD OF DEATH BANISHED A PERSONIFICATION OF DEATH. Hiei put a bounty on Gintoki.

Masquerade line was long. Masquerade was short. Most of the skits were dance skits. The Pokemon battle skit was pretty cool. It used a lot of memes but did not rely on them. I liked seeing Kenichi Mightest Disciple cosplayers. That's pretty rare. I used pictochat for the first time! That made the con more fun.

To celebrate the release of KOF 13, I decided to sing an Image Song for a character who does not appear in that game. I sang Choi Bounge Ondo acapella the first time, because there were internet problems. Later, I was able to sing it a second time with music. The people running it commented that it was the most obscure song they heard at Open Mic, because no one likes Choi.

The KOF panel was really just a nerdy conversation. I would've liked to see more videos. A girl dressed as Rock Howard drew adorable pictures of Kyo, Iori and Ash.

I missed awesome battles at the LARP. but I did get Damaramu to help fix a spaceship. Sora made friends with EVERYONE.
Thursday, May 19th, 2011
8:57 pm
A gaming friend wrote a play
I've been wanting this guy to write a gaming related play for quite a while. I know there are playwrites on my flist. If anyone in the NYC area is interested in seeing it, the info is behind the cut.

Quest of the HeroCollapse )
Sunday, May 15th, 2011
8:59 pm
More work lulz
Here's some more customer quotes.

1.(Customer with a disc of Mozart piano sonatas) "Is this played with a Symphony Orchestra?

2.Customer: Do you have Elixir? Donizetti?
(I show the customer at least 15 recordings of l'Elisir d'Amore in a section devoted to that opera.)
Customer:Is that the only one?

3.(A customer wants a Concerto in D minor. Some discs only list solfege, which I wasn't entirely confident on.)
Me: I'm not sure what D is in solfege. I think it's Re.
Customer: Is that the name of the guy playing it?

4." I looked for Casting Crowns under the last name, Crowns."

5. (Customer with a piano recital Blu-ray) "Is this a musical or an opera?"

Here's one that a manager told me about.

"I'm looking for an actor that has the name Spartacus."
Saturday, April 30th, 2011
6:01 pm
63rd Genshiken was awesome entry
I'm not even going to bother with a cut.

Tuesday, April 26th, 2011
12:16 am
Fictional Character Meme from tigerzahn
2. I will give you a letter.
3. Post the names of five fictional characters beginning with that letter and your thoughts on each.

I was given the letter "S".

Here's the characters I choseCollapse )

Current Mood: dorky
Monday, April 18th, 2011
9:30 pm
I-Con for a day
I was only able to go to I-Con on Saturday with my mom. I had to work the other days. Of course, I brought my Monster In the Darkness costume with me. Apparently, there were people looking forward to seeing it. One person mentioned that she was disappointed in not seeing it last year.

I woke up at 3am to get to Stony Brook at around 7:30. I was pretty close to the front of the line for buying a 1 day membership pass.
teh conCollapse )

The trip home sucked. I had to walk to the station to make the last train to NYC. This was when the rain was really pouring down. The umbrella was useless. My trench coat was soaked through, and it's supposed to be water resistant. I got home at around 3:30 am.

I should probably do a Walk on with my Monster costume. I've avoided it before because the costume is held together with Velcro. I'd like to be in a skit.

I have a general idea. The skit would be titled "Yet Another Cosplay Dance Skit". Instead of current popular dances, it would involve an Obon dance.

Current Mood: sick
Saturday, April 2nd, 2011
2:01 pm
62nd This month's Genshiken was awesome entry
Yesterday was a good day for manga releases. The new Vinland Saga was posted and the new Genshiken!
They both had great things happen in them. In Vinland Saga there was some character development for Canute (or at least more insight on him was revealed). In Genshiken, a bunch of random stuff I was hoping to see happened. Angela was in it! Yoshitake's first name was revealed! She's the one doing the groping in my icon. I don't think those are major spoilers.

I posted in dear_mun about the latest Genshiken chapter(with more spoilers). Feel free to bug Yajimacchi with your lj rp muses!

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